The Calliope Garden Club Inc. was established in 2012 to bring both keen and amateur gardeners together to share their passion and grow their skills.


We hold regular monthly meetings on the second Saturday of each month except January.  Some of these meetings are in the form of excursions to gardens and for others we invite a guest speaker to come to share their expertise.


The Calliope Garden Club Inc. aims to:

  • To educate and further gardening and fellowship in a harmonious environment

  • To provide community education and assistance within a range of gardening and other horticultural activities.


In March 2015 we moved into our new Calliope Garden clubhouse at Bunting Park, Archer Street, Calliope and later that year we began the process of setting up a Community Garden by interested members.


The Calliope Garden Club is an incorporated association under the Queensland Associations Incorporation Act 1981 Section 15 Incorporation Number: IA41805 (Certificate Dated 12 March 2014)