Come join us at our Garden every Wednesday 9am-12pm and Saturday 9am-12pm.

LOCATION: Calliope Garden Club, Bunting Park, Archer St, Calliope

Our vision is for a sustainable garden where people of all ages and abilities can share friendship, gardening activity and experiences. 

We aspire to create a healthy organic and shared garden which encourages on-going involvement and participation by the community. 


  • To grow, cook and eat fresh, in season organic herbs, fruit and vegetables

  • To increase access to fresh fruit and vegetables for all in our community 

  • To increase skill development for growing  food and healthy eating in our community

  • To grow multicultural and indigenous food and engage in indigenous cooking methods

  • To provide a safe and supportive place where members of our whole community including the children, the elderly, the disabled and the marginalized can enjoy fellowship, and recreational and physical activity in the  garden.

  • To build a garden open to the community that is financially independent and sustainable

  • To engage and create partnerships with existing community groups and organizations

  • To mentor people establishing community gardens if requested 

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